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With Plug My Drip, the world's most coveted items are just a click away. Whether you're longing for vintage Yeezys from 2016, the latest Goyard masterpiece, a rare Rolex or a Audemars Piguet timepiece that sets pulses racing, Plug My Drip is here to cater to your every whim.

Our mission is simple: to fulfil your desires, no matter how extravagant or elusive they may seem.

PMD Luxe

How it works?

Spot something you want? Whether it's a unique sneaker, an elusive designer item, or a watch that's in high demand, just snap a screenshot and send it our way.

Consider it secured. We'll utilize our extensive network of luxury contacts worldwide to secure your desired size or item.

Relax as we take care of everything – from payments and authenticity verification to swift door-to-door delivery right to your doorstep.