Charcoal Freshner
Charcoal Freshner
Charcoal Freshner
Charcoal Freshner
Charcoal Freshner
Charcoal Freshner
Charcoal Freshner
Charcoal Freshner


Charcoal Freshner

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SHOEGR Charcoal Shoe Freshener: Refresh your shoes and the Earth

Keep your shoes fresh and odour-free with SHOEGR Charcoal Shoe Fresheners.
Made with 100% bamboo charcoal, these sachets are designed to absorb and
neutralize odors, bacteria, and pollutants from your shoes.
Simply place a sachet in each shoe when you're not wearing them, and they'll be
completely refreshed in a few days. Each sachet can be recharged up to twelve
times by placing it in direct sunlight for one hour once a month.
When it's time to dispose of your SHOEGR Shoe Charcoal Freshener, simply cut the
bag open and spread the charcoal in your garden. Charcoal is a natural fertilizer that
helps to retain nutrients in the soil.

● Absorbs odor, bacteria, and pollutants from shoes
● Made with 100% bamboo charcoal
● Fragrance-free and non-toxic
● Reusable up to twelve times
● Environmentally friendly
● Fresh, odor-free shoes
● Healthier feet
● Reduced environmental impact

SHOEGR is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for your
everyday needs. Our Charcoal Shoe Fresheners are just one way we're helping to
make the world a better place, one shoe at a time.

● Simply, insert it into your shoes and let it sit for 9-12 hours
● After use, recharge it by placing it under the sun for at least an hour
When disposing of the Charcoal Freshener, cut the sachet open and spread it in your
garden to enrich your soil.